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Tea Ritual at the Greenhouse Get Your Discount Code

If you have stayed with us recently you would have enjoyed the beautiful Organic teas we supply from TeaEsk. Now you can enjoy them at home with a 10% discount.


I personally love not only organic loose leaf tea, but the tea ritual itself, the brewing, the cup maybe even a good book or maybe it's part of your easing into a work day ritual.

At the Greenhouse we share with you my favourite teas so you can enjoy it as part of your relaxing getaway.

We also share our discount code with all our guests and subscribers so you can order this beautiful range for yourself.

There are so many types of tea to try, you will never go back supermarket tea bags again.

About TeaEsk

TeaEsk is founded by Australian Certified Tea Master and Tea Blender, Melissa (Escribano) Di Marco. All TeaEsk tea is sourced from farmer-friendly suppliers and many use organic-farming practices.


TeaEsk Breakfast

By far own most loved, I have to top this one up the most and for good reason, its the best kick start to the day with rich flavours and a clean finish, this will completely change the way you look at tea.

Black tea Origin: Assam, India

What TeaEsk Says:

This bright reddish brew from the Dejoo Tea Estate in India’s Assam region is brisk, silky and sweet. It carries true characteristics of malty flavours with fruity overtones that Assam tea is prized for, with an abundance of golden tips. Perfect on its own but bold enough to add milk.

The Royal Earl

One of my all time favourites and the best for afternoon or after dinner with the zesty orange peel and blue cornflowers.

100% Organic Ceylon tea, natural bergamot oil, organic orange segments and wild crafted blue cornflowers

Origin: Koslanda, Sri Lanka

What TeaEsk Says:

The Earl Grey, gentleman of the tea world, is both familiar and welcoming. Our hand crafted version of this classic blend uses the finest 100% organic and biodynamic Ceylon tea from the Koslanda Tea Estate, Sri Lanka. Scented with natural bergamot oil and sprinkled with orange segments. Blue cornflowers accent the rich black leaves and the vibrant amber hued- brew produces a fragrant yet refreshing finish of citrus. It’s royally good!

Sleepy Head

This is my personal GO TO for my bedtime ritual, the chamomile is not overly dominant - I just love the rose petals and the lavender. I always sleep better with a warm cup of sleepy head.

Organic lemon balm, Organic chamomile, Organic pink rose petal, Organic lavender, Organic cornflowers.

What TeaEsk says:

If this tea were a song, it would sing you to sleep! This wonderful hand-blended herbal infusion of lemon balm, calming chamomile and hints of lavender help soothe and calm the senses. Unwind after a hard day as you slowly sip this sweet floral treat.

I hope you enjoy these teas as much as I do and let me know what is your favourite.

For more info on TeaEsk, head over to their website and use the code GREENHOUSE to get your 10% discount.



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