• Carla King-Turner

My Intent Captured Perfectly!

When Destination NSW contacted me and asked if Sheriden Rhodes could stay at our Pearl Beach Retreat I was so excited and honoured.

Honoured as I know there are a many beautiful spots on the Central Coast she could have chosen and her story was on the Central Coast and all it has to offer for The Sydney Morning Herald Traveller. She spent the weekend enjoying the lovely cafes and restaurants all the way from Terrigal to the Peninsula (quite a tight schedule for just 3 days).

Our beautiful Pearl Beach location was such a unique experience it didn't make the original piece instead was given its very own feature.

When I set out to build the Greenhouse Retreats, my intent was to create a unique space for our guests to relax and focus on their wellness. With every touch and every upgrade my intent is to make every guest feel special and for their time at our retreats memorable. I have always and continue to create not just a holiday house (as there are plenty of those) but a unique destination which brings our guests back year after year.

Thank you to Destination NSW, SMH The Traveller and Sheriden Rhodes for capturing my intent and my beautiful Pearl Beach Space so perfectly.

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