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This month is our first year anniversary of launching The Greenhouse. In that year the house has gone through so many evolutions, each one bringing a fuller experience of wellness for our guests.

GHTV came organically from the love I have of sharing all that there is to experience at the Greenhouse, but also to share what I know about wellness, natural beauty and health.

What I have learnt over the 14 years of presenting live shows on TVSN is the best spokesperson for any brand product or therapy is the developer, owner, inventor or therapist themselves. However sometimes (most) these are the people who least want to be in front of the camera.

GHTV invites these specialists into a relaxed conversation, on the coach on location at The Greenhouse, and we chat and hopefully we all learn a little more about how all the choices we make every day in regards to food, movement, beauty products and even fashion can alter the level of our wellness and quality of life.

Our intent is to bring relevant, accurate and usable inspiration and advise - not just for those staying at the Greenhouse but for anyone wanting to be make wellness a priority in their life.

Our aim is to publish a new clip each week covering therapy's, products and brands, so subscribing will ensure you a notified of any new updates.

Enjoy GHTV and if you have a wellness brand, therapy or product, why don't you join me on the couch one day soon.


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