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No Pong Product Review

No Pong, definitely does what it says!


No pong is a balm containing natural ingredients that work to eliminate the smell of body odour without using aluminium or harsh chemicals.

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I am a big believer of avoiding aluminium based deodorants - in fact just reducing my chemical load in general is really important to me.

I am a also pretty keen on not smelling like BO - so this has been a tricky journey, as I am also happen to be a chronic sweater - (sorry for the over sharing) - who works out and works in television where we share a wardrobe - eeeek - so I am definitely not the perfect person to be using natural deodorant - but the alternative of blocking my sweat pores with aluminium just doesn't sit well with me.

I have tried sooooo many natural deodorants, and I have liked most of them, however they never seem to last more than an hour or so - or are not effective at all.

So No Pong has been on my hit list to try - so I did.


I love balms in general so when I saw no pong i was all over it - it wasn't in my local health food store but I can always rely on nourished life to stock the best in Heath and it was delivered in 2 days👍


You use a pea size amount under each arm pit.


Day 1

long shift at TVSN - 3 x live shows - 1 x tight fitting dress. - pretty good - not completely dry but no odour.

At the end of my shift still no pong.

Day 2

Active wear and long walk with the kids and dog and yip still no pong.

I love it - it is effective - smells awesome with a blend of essential oils and best of all no alcohol or aluminium.

This is a keeper for sure. 5 Stars

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