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The Greenhouse Top 5 Rituals

Rituals are such a big part of my life. They keep me grounded, happy and organised.

As I built The Greenhouse I instinctively incorporated all the elements of my personal rituals into the house.

It turns out our guests love them and I hope that any one who spends some time at The Greenhouse and starts one of my little rituals, takes it home and continues to do these as part of their everyday life.

I think too often we think of these things as luxury's to be kept for occasion or holiday, I believe they should be part of everyday.

So what are our top 5 EVERYDAY not just Holiday rituals.

1. Tea Time Enjoy lovely loose leaf tea in a nice tea cup out of a pot at least once a day. Every morning for me and occasionally at the end of the day before bed. We supply teas from T2, Ikou and soon we will have Shakti's Alchemy Tisane.

2. Light a Candle The flickering flame, the ambient light and the aroma of a good candle create a very relaxing and nurturing environment. We use Ikou candles, Be enlightened and also flameless candles from Enjoy Lighting

3. Turn on the Tunes Music is a true gift from the Gods. No matter what genre you love - it is so good for the soul. I have music on everywhere and chose the genre according to my mood, at the Greenhouse we have Sonos sound systems and use spotify.

4. Essential Oils Oils are a game changer, There is not a day goes by that I don't use my oils in many different rituals. Balance before going on air at TVSN, Lavender on my feet before I go to sleep, Peppermint on my temples for concentration and sweet orange when I need a mood lift.

5. Glass of Wine - Wellness and happiness are reliant on a healthy balance in life, and I enjoy - no - adore wine, in moderation of course. The ritual of a nice glass of chilled chardonnay at the end of a busy day is one of my favourites. Our welcome hampers include a bottle of organic wine for our guests and we are only 1.5 hours away from the amazing Hunter Valley, we can organise a day trip to the region during your stay - just ask us when you are booking.

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