• Carla King-Turner

All 5 Senses Nurtured at The Greenhouse

Life's little pleasures, I talk about these a lot to any one who will listen, things like drinking tea out of a nice china tea cup, lighting your favourite candle, putting on your favourite music.

All things that don't cost a fortune, but bring so much joy, well to me any way. Maybe its because I have Venus in my chart who encourages a love of anything beautiful, or maybe its just because I am a true nester.

Either way, I have my rituals at home, at work and at The Greenhouse. It brings me so much pleasure creating these rituals and the space for others. I do it every night for my children, the lights are dimmed, the aromatherapy with lavender is drifting through their bedrooms, soft melodic sounds from a sleep playlist sends them off to sleep.

At The Greenhouse I want to create the same ambiance, the same nurturing space for all the guests.

To me being healthy, happy, nurtured, is not a once in a while thing, something that you do on holiday and then go back to the dredge of routine. I like to make routine a sensory pleasure.

This is reflected in The Greenhouse.

Vision - From the moment you walk in - to your first sunset, the Greenhouse is a feast for the eyes

Hearing - Sonos music allowing you to drift away to your favourite tunes

Taste - Recipes and a full and truly functional Kitchen with supplies

Touch - Timber floors, high tread count cotton sheets and towels, bath salts to scrub and soak

Smell - Aromatherapy oils to breath, massage and soak, candles and the beautiful sea air

I hope that your stay at The Greenhouse will inspire you to take away some of these wee rituals and do them at home, we could all use a little zen no and then right.


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