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Why do We use Essential Oils at the Greenhouse?

Essential oils is such a big part of my life and that of my family, I take them where ever I go, holidays work, they are in every handbag and every room of my house.

So it only made sense to have them as an integral part of the Greenhouse.

Not just a pretty smell

Not only do they smell great - but they have incredible therapeutic benefits.

I use a few different brands including Do Terra, Ikou and Springfields. I choose these brands as they are genuine therapeutic grade essentials oils that have been harvested and extracted ethically and manufactured to maintain the efficacy of the oil.

Not all Oils are Oils

It always pays to check the origin of your oils and also what they are mixed with, unfortunately sometimes oils are mixed with fillers which degrade the oil, not so with these brands. Also some are not even natural (you will know by the bad smell) they are just synthetic perfumes with not therapeutic benefits at all.

How can we use them

Well its more of a question of when not to use them. I use them every day topically, in my vaporiser, on my pulse points, as a perfume, in cooking, in cleaning, on my dog, with my kids.

The best way to get started is using them in your vaporiser and in a carrier oil topically. We must remember the 100% oils are extremely strong and can be too sensitive to put directly on your skin or take orally (although many people do and that's cool) - start slowly, get to know the oils and speak to an aromatherapist on how to get even more out of them.

Whats at the Greenhouse and how do I use it

At the Greenhouse we encourage you to put a few drops in the vaporiser - a few drops in your bath, maybe you are getting a massage - we can incorporate them into your massage. We provide you with the coconut carrier oil also if you wish to try them on your skin.

Currently we have Lavender - my all time favourite, peppermint - very uplifting, Orange - such a happy oil and lemon - very refreshing. These can be use on their own or together.

If you like them and I am sure you will, you can always chat to me about ordering take home packs . email me at thegreenhouseretreatcc@gmail.com


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