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20% Off All Beauty Chef Bundles

We Love the Beauty Chef Products at the Retreats and that is why stock it in house and sell it in our store and this weekend we are offering 20% off all bundles so you can get started on getting your best skin yet.

If you want the best skin possible skin care is only half the job, inner beauty is where its at and that is why we are now seeing so many products enter into this space.

The important thing to remember is as with anything that becomes popular there will always be the copy cats jumping on the ban wagon and while I am positive there are and will be other great products, it pays to do you research and check the authenticity of the ingredients.

The Beauty chef uses their own mother culture which is many strains and is the first and vital step to beauty in that is allows all the nutrients in the whole foods to be absorbed correctly.  Plus it aids in supporting the immunity and simple daily functions our body needs to do to be well.

Then come the organic whole foods strategically selected for their nutrient profile to assist in the production of collagen.  So the important thing to know here is you are not taking collagen, you are feeding you body ingredients that assist in making it.  And after all that is why our skin starts look older from the age of 25 as that is when the collagen production slows down.

Here is the Ingredient list for Glow.

So on top of beautiful skin, you are also providing your body with many key nutrients on a daily basis that it may not ordinarily get, so the get side affect of taking your daily glow for great skin, is you are also giving your body a great dose of whole food nutrients.

We have great kits available and for this weekend I am offering 20% off all bundles from Carla Oats, use the code Beauty20 at check to get your discount.

Here is a video on the ingredients found in The Glow


 To Get your 20% off use code Beauty20 at check out 

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