Passionate for the Planet

Protecting our planet is a huge focus for us at The Greenhouse Retreats

We know that short term rental and tourism can create a unnecessary load on the environment.

So we encourage our guests to consider the environment during their stay and we provide many inclusions to make this not just easy but may just be a new initiative they take home.

Please take note of our policies in regards to our environment before checkin.


We discourage use of single use plastic and ask guests don't bring them to the Retreats, if they are totally necessary we ask you take them home with you.  Do not leave them in our rubbish bins.


We provide 2 large yellow bins and ask all recycling is placed in these bins prior to leaving, dismantling big boxes prior to dispossing.


We supply many containers and silicone lids for our guests to use during their stay as well as recycled jars.  Please use these instead of single use plastic or foil.


We provide a compost bin in the  kitchen for food scraps and a compost bin near the outdoor bins to dispose of these as needed.  Please no meat products

Take it Away

If you do product excess rubbish over an above our 2 red bins and 2 yellow bins,  we ask you take this with you. 

Watch the Energy Use

We know it can be cold and hot depending on the time of year and provide heating and cooling.  We ask you use this as you would your own by turning off when not needed and keep doors and windows closed during operation.